Friday, October 1, 2021


 By Kelly Bridgewater

Covid-19 ruined everything for everyone in 2020.

Nobody could do anything.

Hopefully, at this date, we are done with this, and the world has gone back to normal.

Even though so many people in the world lived in fear of a disease that had a 99 percent survival rate, I did not. I did not wear a mask anywhere.

 I choose to not shop at stores that masks were a requirement. The Amish enjoyed our business.

Our garden was a lot bigger. We canned vegetables. We purchased more chickens. Even bought a cow for the first time. We didn’t rely completely on the grocery store chains to take care of us. Our boys learned how to gut a deer and cow. Then process the food. They helped me can the vegetables that we grew from seeds. The boys learned how to bake bread. The boys learned how to actually eat what was in the house. If something sounded good from a restaurant, our middle son even learned how to make it from scratch.

But my biggest issue with the government telling us what we can and can not do is the amount of people that can deal with the loneliness that they have been forced into. It is hard for retired people and elderly to begin with. Now the government does not want anyone to go visit them. How awful!

Tons of younger adults are committing suicide because they can’t handle not being social and around others. As for me, it really has not changed much in my life. I enjoy being alone with my immediate family, for the most part. Of course, there are days, I really prefer not to be with my family, but who does not feel that way at times.

I pray that the world has moved on from the fear of Covid-19 and hope that stupid Biden and Harris are not trying to destroy our country just because they can.

How did you handle Covid-19? Was it more stressful? Or did you enjoy ALL the extra time with your family?

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