Friday, November 28, 2014

My Hero

By Kelly Bridgewater

On October 14, I introduced my heroine, Chloe Walker. This week, I’m introducing my hero, Devin Sanders. I attached a picture of Nick Stokes from CSI because he was always the silent, smart, and attractive science guy.  Stokes was dependable and a great guy. I thought he would fit the description of Devin well. Plus, he’s handsome. Who wouldn’t want to follow Nick Stokes around for a thousand pages? I would. So here is Devin Sanders bio. At least, what I know about him right now.

27 years old
BS in Criminology
Oldest child of three. Has two younger brothers (Cole, whose 24 years old, and Matthew, whose 20 years old.) His parents are still married. About to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary.

Biggest fear: Watching a loved one die because of the nature of his job.

Biggest lie: I don’t measure up.   Also, can’t recover from Chloe and him breaking up. It has hindered all his past relationships since her. Every girl is measured to her and doesn’t make the cut.
-Loves Dr. Pepper
-Mexican food
-Rock Music (Bon Jovi, Poison, Metallica)
-Clothes: Anything that moves quickly, for instance, khakis, jeans, polo shirts, pull-over sweater.
-Hair: Short, but not bald. Enough to run his fingers through.
-Loves the way he looks. Works out at the gym or runs every day to stay fit especially for his job.
-Extrovert (Loves being the center of attention, but knows when to calmly have a conversation with someone)
-Organized (Probably from his police training, but everything has a place and everything should be there)
-Biggest Pet Peeve: Hate seeing men treat women like their not worthy of their time.
-Risk Taker
-Been hurt in the past by Chloe Walker, so he doesn’t get that close to woman in relationships.
-True romantic at heart. Find what the girl likes and pursues her through her interests. Loves spending time with his significant others.

Character’s abilities: Can read people really well. Knows when someone’s lying or something wrongs. Loves solving crimes for a living. Using his knowledge of science and police work to put the guilty person behind bars.

How do you handle frustration? Not afraid to get in the person face and tell them they are doing something wrong. Not afraid to start a fight when he believes he’s right.

What stands in the way of your happiness right now? No kids. No wife. He always imagined marrying Chloe and starting a family. On the other hand, he’s glad he’s not married because if he was then every time he encounters a crazy person and put them behind bars, he would have to worry about his wife and kids ending up dead.

Current relationship with God: He has fallen away from his relationship with God. Why believe in someone who would allow Chloe, the love of his life, to walk away? God didn’t care, so why should he care about him.

If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be? I would never have let Chloe Walker walk away.

Have you ever done this for a character? Are there any suggestions I should include to fully develop more heroine more realistic for my characters?  Here are the ultimate questions: Do you like or dislike Devin Sanders? Could you see yourself spending time with him in a three part book?