Friday, October 8, 2021

20th Wedding Anniversary

 By Kelly Bridgewater

 This past week was my husband and I’s 20th Wedding Anniversary.

 Marriage is extremely tough.

 It is hard meddling two lives together.

 Especially when one is a pack rat and a hoarder and enjoys being messy all the time.

 The other one likes to be clean and see the floors and counters in the kitchen.

 So majority of the time, this is what are arguments consist of. I’m tired of looking at all his things piled around the house. He’s tired of me whining about all his junk. He calls me a nag.

BUT . . .

Where it really matters, we completely agree.

We both raised out boys in the church. God. First.

Education is important. They have to know what happened in the past. Reading. Writing. How things work or they won’t be successful in life.

We both agree that debt and credit cards are dumb. If we can’t pay cash for it, then we don’t buy it. We have engrained this in all our boys head too.

While we have survived tons of struggles, we know there is no end in sight. 

This marriage is until Death Do You Part.

I love you, honey!!!!

Even if you messes drive me crazy.

Here to 20 more!

How long have you been married? So many people give up on marriage when the going gets tough, but we both agreed early on that the D word is not allowed to be said in our marriage no matter how mad we become at each other.

Which happens a lot.

Happy 20th Anniversary!

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