Friday, October 22, 2021

Daddy: Six Years Later

 By Kelly Bridgewater

Yesterday, would have been my Daddy’s 73rd birthday.

But he is in heaven, so I can’t make him his carrot cake or a German Chocolate cake, which were my Daddy’s favorite cake.

This year time of the year, I look forward to the elements of fall, but there is a bite to it because I remember my Daddy who was so important to me and that he is not here anymore to celebrate with.

On Halloween 2015, he took his last breathe and scared all three of his children. I am the middle child and miss him terribly.

So the lesson learned: Treasure the ones still in your life. Make moments that matter. Never know when it might be the last time that you can touch them. Tell them you love them. Give them a hug or whisper a word of encouragement.

It might be hard to shop for them now and make moments in your busy lives to contact them and visit them, but trust me, when they aren’t an option anymore, you will miss those moments.

I used to spend a two to three hours every Saturday just talking to my Daddy on the phone. Now, I don’t even remember what his voice sounds like. It makes me sad.

I can’t wait to get to heaven. Hopefully, God will allow us to reunite with the ones we lost. I want to see my Daddy again and wrap him in a big hug.

Have you ever lost anyone close to you? 

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