Friday, October 29, 2021


 By Kelly Bridgewater


Another year has slipped by. Where has the time gone?

I adore fall.

I love the bright colors on the tree.

I love the crisp air.

I love sitting by a fire, roasting marshmallows.

I even adore taking my boys trick-or-treating, but they are too big to do that now. We just hit the stores on November 1st and purchase the 50% off candy.

Much better that way anyways.

I didn’t have to stay out late and roam the city.

Just had to hit the stores in time to get the good candy. I store some of the candy to put in their stockings for Christmas and use it for Christmas baking.

What a way to use all the candy?

I sure don’t need it. Our family has went to a healthier diet a long time ago, so we have eliminated most sugars and fats anyway, but of course, you have to make an exception during the holidays.

Halloween is a holiday, so it doesn’t count.

What about you? Do you stockpile candy after Halloween? Or am I the only one that does this?

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