Friday, January 22, 2021

Word for 2021

 By Kelly Bridgewater

If you read my post for last week, I shared my thoughts on the verse for 2021.

I have went with Matthew 10: 19.

These words were really digging into my heart.

My Word, or should I say Words, will be:

God’s Timing


I need to learn this. I need to trust God. He has a plan for my life.



Whatever it may be.

Wherever it may be. 

There are more moments of doubt and anger.

My husband and I don’t understand why we are where we are in this time in our life.

He has a passion for the music industry, but works in a school bus garage.

I have a passion for writing, but work in the Financial Aid department of an university.

Not that our jobs are horrible. They pay the bills.

But this is not where our passions lie.

I’ll keep praying for God’s Timing in my life.

Move us where you want us to be, God.

Allow us to do what we need to do with our lives.



Anyone else have this issue? Or is it just me?

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