Friday, May 7, 2021

Be True to Your School

 By Kelly Bridgewater


The Beach Boys wrote this school back in the fifties, and it makes me think of my high school years.


I graduate from Ben Davis High School at the turn of the century and was proud of my high school. Most seniors in my class were proud of our school. We wore our purple and white proudly. We attended football, basketball, and baseball games to cheer on our fellow students who were willing to fight for the fighting Giants. It was nothing to hang out with your friends at school to watch the students play.

In college, I attended Indiana State University. Blue and White. Fighting Sycamores. Not the same thing. No one really went to the games. I was a parent with little kids at home by this time. Plus, I was a commuter student, so I didn’t live on campus. I didn’t have time to attend games like a normal student. Maybe if I attended the college I wanted to attend, then this might have been a different story. I really wanted to attend Grace College, the Fighting Lancers, but I couldn’t afford to attend there.


I was wondering do students actually still attend school football games? Do students actually still support their schools? It gives me warm feelings to see movies like Hoosiers and Rudy where the students wear the leather jackets and proud of their schools. Even if they lose.


What about you? Did you support your high school? Do you see students supporting their current schools? 

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