Friday, January 21, 2022

Word for 2022 Explanation

 By Kelly Bridgewater


I started praying and thinking in November 2021 what would be the Word and verse that would lead 2022.

Persistence jumped into the forefront of my mind.


I do not know.

I want to be persistence in the fight for my personal freedoms.

I want to be persistence in teaching my boys about American history and making sure they are educated enough about God and history to defeat the dumbness of American education.

I want to be persistence in growing in my faith in God.

I want to be persistence in actually crafting the novel about World War II that God will not leave me alone about. I have ideas for this story on a daily basis. I have checked out Richard J. Evans, three-part trilogy of the Reich, and am reading these thousand-page novels.

Enjoyable reading for me.

I want to be persistence in fighting the good fight. Even if it means losing friends and my job. I know that God will provide. We may have to have a bigger garden this summer. Maybe actually have more chickens, a cow, and a couple of goats. But we have no debt except the mortgage, which we have cut in half already.

What about you? With all this turmoil in our country, are you willing to sacrifice things to keep your freedom like Daniel did? I am. 

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