Monday, January 24, 2022

Melanie Dobson: The Winter Rose

 By Kelly Bridgewater

In this gripping WWII time-slip novel from the author whose books have been called “propulsive” and a “must-read” (Publishers Weekly), Grace Tonquin is an American Quaker who works tirelessly in Vichy France to rescue Jewish children from the Nazis. After crossing the treacherous Pyrénées, Grace returns home to Oregon with a brother and sister whose parents were lost during the war. Though Grace and her husband love Élias and Marguerite as their own, echoes of Grace’s past and trauma from the Holocaust tear the Tonquin family apart.

More than fifty years after they disappear, Addie Hoult arrives at Tonquin Lake, hoping to find the Tonquin family. For Addie, the mystery is a matter of life and death for her beloved mentor Charlie, who is battling a genetic disease. Though Charlie refuses to discuss his ties to the elusive Tonquins, finding them is the only way to save his life and mend the wounds from his broken past.


My Thoughts:

The Winter Rose by Melanie Dobson is a redemptive story as the present Addie tries to help save her father figure from death. The plot does begin in World War II Europe, but then ends up in Oregan with the United States. There is a lot of mystery around what actually occurred in Oregan once Grace returned home with a couple of children that she rescued from war torn Europe. The entire story is trying to uncover the truth and allow a number of the characters to move past the hurt, the terror, and the pain that occurred during the war. With God’s help, grace is given, and the truth is laid on the table for all the characters to realize. The characters are brave. My favorite character was Charlie once I completed his story. He had many demons from his past that he had to overcome. He needed the truth; in order, to completely free himself from the hurts and sorrow from the past. I loved watching him transform throughout the story. On the other hand, Addie, who is the present day hero, romance seemed a little of place by the end of the story. I knew it was coming, but it still seemed like it did not fit the storyline. Overall, The Winter Rose by Melanie Dobson is a redemptive story with God’s grace shining on all of the characters. I enjoy reading stories where you can see God’s hand in every movement in the story. The Winter Rose definitely does show that.

I received a complimentary copy of The Winter Rose by Melanie Dobson from Tyndale Publishing, but the opinions stated are all my own.

My Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

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