Monday, January 10, 2022

Abigail Wilson: Twilight at Moorington Cross

  By Kelly Bridgewater

An inheritance could provide her with financial freedom, a rare accomplishment for a woman in the Regency era; she only has to marry one of two men to gain it. But what if her heart belongs to a third?

Brushed cruelly aside by the only father figure she’s ever known and then hospitalized by her arranged husband months before his death, Amelia Pembroke means to take control of her future at last, one way or another. Yet she knows all too well she faces an uphill battle, considering her transient sleeping spells are only getting worse.

Cluett’s Mesmeric Hospital has been something of a refuge for Amelia over the past year, even if it didn’t exactly improve her condition. But when her doctor is murdered and her name surprisingly turns up in his will, her options take a drastic turn. She has thirty days to marry one of two named gentlemen—strangers to her—and she will inherit everything from her friend and doctor, Mr. Cluett. One simple decision and all her financial troubles are at an end. The only problem is it’s not a simple decision anymore. Not when she’s falling in love with another man.

Ewan Hawkins has received his first assignment as an apprenticed solicitor: to update a man’s will. Finally, a chance to prove to society that possessing a disfigurement won’t hold him back. Thus, he means to do his job well. Of course, he never could have anticipated a murder, nor the strange clause added to the will—nor, most importantly, the charming widow who has found a way to capture his heart.


My Thoughts:

Twilight at Moorington Cross by Abigail Wilson is a regency mystery at a medical clinic. Wilson's story reminds me of an old fashioned who-done-it mystery filled with an arranged marriage and plenty of mystery to solve who killed the dead body. With a creepy abandoned part of the house that no one is allowed to travel into. With characters that not everyone knows who these characters are and their importance to the murder, the mystery appears to be abounding across the pages of the story. As for Amelia, I wanted to know more about her illness. It does define who the heroine is, but there is never a resolution to her illness or a discovery of what the actual illness is. Apparently, Amelia has to live with this, whatever it is, for the rest of her life. Similarly, the idea of experimental medicine was not really flushed out. I wanted to understand more about this medicine. Has it ever worked? Was it made up for the novel? Left me wanting to know more. On the other hand, Ethan Hawkins, the hero, appeared to care about her feelings, but sometimes, I, personally, felt like he was no better than the other "arranged" suitors. Overall, Twilight at Moorington Cross by Abigail Wilson did capture my attention, but there was some things I felt was a little bit off. I have enjoyed all of her previous novels, so I really can't wait to dive into the next one.

I received a complimentary copy of Twilight at Moorington Cross by Abigail Wilson, but the opinions state are all my own.

My Rating: 3. 5 out of 5 stars

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