Friday, October 5, 2018

Butt in Chair. Not That Easy.

By Kelly Bridgewater

Today, I have an honest question with a heart-filled response.

As a writer, there are tons of blog posts by a number of authors that have suggestions to complete your novel. Don't get me wrong! I have read them and nod my head a number of times.

I agree with the one I'm going to talk about,

BUT . . .

it can be REALLY HARD to do!!!

The one I'm talking about is butt in chair.

All writers state your book won't get done if you don't sit down and write it. I completely agree. I know that I can whine about my novel not being written, but if I don't sit down and actually do the hard work of writing, than I honestly have nothing to complain about.

The reasons why I don't put my Butt in my chair and work on my novel might sound like excuses, but they are what stops me from writing.

1.) Death

Sounds weird, doesn't it? But if you have been following my blog for about two years, then you know that I lost my Daddy on Halloween in 2015. He was my number one supporter who would call every Saturday and ask me what I have been working on in my writing this week. We would brainstorm different ideas for my story. He would tell me when something works or doesn't work. He would look on the internet and find books or resources that would work with my topic and send them to me in an e-mail. Since he died, it has been really hard for me to do any of that.

Last October, I was determined to write again, after praying for God to give me the desire of my heart back, so I signed up for NaNoWriMo and pulled all my notes that I was working on with Daddy out. It made me cry. But I was determined to complete this novel and this series for God and my Daddy.

2.) Homeschool

I homeschool our youngest son because he is a little boy. Full of energy and doesn't like to sit still for long, which drives the public schools crazy. They want little robots who barely move, but repeat the lesson correctly. My son takes a four mile walk every morning before school. He stands at his desk, hopping from foot to foot the entire time we're doing school. He has improved drastically since i have been homeschooling him, but it takes up to eight hours a day. Plus, I work with him on his Bible verses for Awana's every day. Then my other two boys come home, and I have to make sure they do their homework and check on their assignments. Band Practice. Awana. Endless lists of things to do . . .

3.) House

I have to clean the house. Keep track of laundry. Plan and make dinner. Do dishes. Pay the bills. Keep track of chore charts. Feed the dogs and the chickens. Run errands. Keep and plan appointments. Read books for my blog. Write posts, like this, for days I don't have book reviews.

Usually I can read a book in a day, but because of the homeschooling this year, I have only finished 14 books in three months. That is extremely low for me.

Yes, butt in chair sounds good. But . . .  I'm always around my kids and my husband. My boys come to me first, then talk to Daddy as a last resort. It is hard to write when they are screaming for your attention. I am lucky if I get five hours of sleep a night as it is. Add in writing, I might as well stop sleeping all together.

My husband likes to zone out in the evenings when he comes home because he put in eight hours at work, even though I'm working 20 hours days, but whatever, so I don't just get to pack up and drive to the local coffee shop, which is 30 minutes away by the way.  I don't get much alone time.

Am I the only one that feels this way? Did anything I say agree with you? What are some reasons that keep you from having your butt in your chair? f anyone has a suggestion to make it easier for me to write, please include those too.

I would like to know I'm not the only way that feels this way.

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