Friday, March 23, 2018

Welcome Spring!

By Kelly Bridgewater

Welcome Spring!

According to the calendar, Spring has arrived.

I'm not a happy person, though.

Where I live in Indiana. Spring usually arrives around the first of March and stays until the first of May. Then we jump right into Summer, which I HATE!!!!! Summer sticks around until the first of November. Then fall like temperatures, which stick around until January. Then we might get some cold temperatures in January and February.

But  . . .

for a girl who loves winter and snow. I have been cheated for the past couple of years. We rarely get snow, and I haven't worn my winter coat in three years!!! Just sweaters.

Summer is a greedy season. It lasts for seven months and the humidity sticks around with it. I don't know about you, but my electric bill is crazy in the summer for the seven months, and I have my air conditioner set at 78 degrees. I complain to our electric company, but they tell me to raise my temperature.


How hot does a girl have to be?

While most people might be happy Spring is here.

I'm not.

Go away.

Sorry for the rant!! Just a crazy writer who hates spring and summer, but they seem to be the only seasons in Indiana anymore.

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