Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tracie Peterson: In Places Hidden

By Kelly Bridgewater

On her way to San Francisco to find her brother, Caleb, who went missing three months ago, Camriann Coulter meets Judith and Kenzie, who both have their own mysteries to solve in the booming West Coast city. The women decide to help each other, including rooming together and working at Kenzie's cousin's chocolate factory.

Camri's search for her brother, an attorney, leads her deep into the political corruption of the city--and into the acquaintance of Patrick Murdock, a handsome Irishman who was saved from a false murder charge by Caleb. Patrick challenges all of Camri's privileged beliefs, but he knows more about what happened to her brother than anyone else. Together, they move closer to the truth behind Caleb's disappearance. But as the stakes rise and threats loom, will Patrick be able to protect Camri from the dangers he knows lie in the hidden places of the city?

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My Thoughts:

In Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson is my second book I have read by Peterson. I do enjoy her ability to write a story rich in history with enjoyable characters. Historical romance is my second genre of choice. I know a good historical romance will be filled with likeable characters and a different time period than today.

Peterson's writing was clear and concise. I can see why she has written so many books. While some of her books don't interest me, I was interested in this San Francisco story because it takes place in the beginning of the twentieth century. Her setting in the house and around the town of San Francisco filled my imagination. I had no problem imagining her setting and watching the characters roam through the story.

The romance between Camrianne Coulter and Patrick appeared to be very fast for my taste. They were moving along in the story, trying to solve where the missing brother is and then about eight-five percent into the story, Peterson throws in the sparks for a budding romance. It just didn't fit with the tone of the story up to that moment. It appeared to come out of nowhere. Then they were on the way to the altar.

The plot has been seen before too. I have read a number of stories that have shady parts of town where they take someone illegally away and forced them into slave labor or worse. It is a popular story in historical or contemporary stories. The return of Caleb is also unrealistic too. I think the part should have handled better. It felt cheap.

While these elements bothered me, I really enjoyed the story, and it was enjoyable. I liked spending time with Patrick and Camrianne. I really can't wait to see Judith and Kenzie's story, which I assume will be the next two books in the series. In Places Hidden was a good attempt at a twentieth century historical cozy mystery.

Fans of Peterson's other novels and fans of historical novels or cozy mysteries might enjoy this book.

Overall, In Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson is a captivating twentieth century historical mystery. While the plot may have been done a number of times, I really enjoyed spending time with the characters and the plot.

I received a complimentary copy of In Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson, but the opinions stated are all my own.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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