Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Christy Barritt: Flood Watch

By Kelly Bridgewater

The tide is high, and so is the danger on Lantern Beach.

Still in hiding after infiltrating a dangerous gang, Cassidy Livingston just has to make it a few more months before she can testify at trial and resume her old life. But trouble keeps finding her, and Cassidy is pulled into a local investigation after a man mysteriously disappears from the island she now calls home.

A recurring nightmare from her time undercover only muddies things, as does a visit from the parents of her handsome ex-Navy SEAL neighbor. When a friend's life is threatened, Cassidy must make choices that put her on the verge of blowing her cover.
With a flood watch on her emotions and her life in a tangle, will Cassidy find the truth? Or will her past finally drown her?

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My Thoughts:

Flood Watch is the second book in the Lantern Beach series by Christy Barritt with Hidden Currents being the first book. You can read Flood Watch without actually reading Hidden Currents. But there is information in the first one to explain why Cassidy is at Lantern Beach, even though Barritt does hint about the reasons in Flood Watch. The romance between Cassidy and Ty's kicks-up a notch when Ty's parents drop by unexpectedly, and Ty asks Cassidy to pretend to be his girlfriend. Funny things happen. Romantic things happen. Arguments happens. Just like I expect from Cassidy and Ty. While they are figuring out their emotions for each other, a missing produce man comes onto the scene and figures the death at Skye, their friend. The hunt is afoot. Cassidy and Ty work together to try to solve the mystery. Around every turn, something goes wrong, and Cassidy tries really hard not to give her real self away to anyone. I really enjoyed the quick and easy to read mystery. I finished it one evening. I figured out the bad guy before Barritt told me but don't worry. It doesn't ruin the story. I really enjoyed this story and can't wait for Storm Surge, which releases next month.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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