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Friday, April 21, 2017

Journal Thoughts: Breath to My Writing

By Kelly Bridgewater

Last year at the ACFW Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Rachel Hauck led us in worship, singing "Great Are You, Lord." What a great worship experience! My favorite line is, "It's Your Breath in our Lungs, we pour out our praise."

God does exactly that.

He brings hope to the hopeless.

Brings light to the darkness.

Restore every heart that is broken.


 Yes, God does all these wonderful things, but do I trust him to bring life to my writing?

What if God never wants me to be published by a widely recognized publisher?

What if God wants me to write a story that He has laid on my heart only for Him?

Would I be happy?
Honestly, I don't know. I want my writing to be read and praised too. I want readers to come up to me, claiming they loved my latest book.
Can I live without that?

Right now, my fear of not writing a good story paralyzes me. I spend a lot of time researching for my World War II thriller set in London and always picking up another book to review. My blog won't write itself. It is easier to be stuck in the land of research and enjoying books and giving my opinion on them.

I walk our four acre property with my golden retriever and beagle, talking to my characters, discovering who they are, but I don't let them tell me their story. The one that the Lord has laid on my heart to write.

When I do sit down at start to write, I freeze. Satan whispers over my shoulder,

"What if I screw this up?

What if I write their story wrong?

What makes me think I can do this?

I'm no writer.

Look at what accomplished writers have done.

You can't do that."


"I need you, Lord, to silence Satan and allow you to fill my pages with the story you laid on my heart.

I need God's Breath in my Writing!

To overcome the doubt.

To write the words on the page.

To bring hope to my writing.

I can't do this without You or the words and ideas are just white noise in this crazy world.
Amen. "

This is just me being brutally honest. I wonder do you have the same prayer? How do you overcome the doubt and fear?

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