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Friday, April 7, 2017

Eva Marie Everson: The One True Love of Alice-Ann

By Kelly Bridgewater

Living in rural Georgia in 1941, sixteen-year-old Alice-Ann has her heart set on her brother’s friend Mack; despite their five-year age gap, Alice-Ann knows she can make Mack see her for the woman she’ll become. But when they receive news of the attack on Pearl Harbor and Mack decides to enlist, Alice-Ann realizes she must declare her love before he leaves.

Though promising to write, Mack leaves without confirmation that her love is returned. But Alice-Ann is determined to wear the wedding dress her maiden aunt never had a chance to wear―having lost her fiancĂ© in the Great War. As their correspondence continues over the next three years, Mack and Alice-Ann are drawn closer together. But then Mack’s letters cease altogether, leaving Alice-Ann to fear history repeating itself.

Dreading the war will leave her with a beautiful dress and no happily ever after, Alice-Ann fills her days with work and caring for her best friend’s war-torn brother, Carlton. As time passes and their friendship develops into something more, Alice-Ann wonders if she’ll ever be prepared to say good-bye to her one true love and embrace the future God has in store with a newfound love. Or will a sudden call from overseas change everything?

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My Thoughts:

World War II historical fiction is one of my two favorite genres to read. Second to suspense and thrillers. The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie Everson is a coming of age story set during the four years of World War II. I really liked Everson's attention to detail like the lack of pantyhose from women and the hurt of the people who were left behind. Majority of stories take place with the action from World War II, but Everson created a touching story about the citizens that didn't go to war. I enjoyed Alice-Ann and how she changed from the childish sixteen-year-old child to a woman at nineteen at the end of the novel. The hero, Colten, is a swoon-worthy man who does everything is his power to make Alice-Ann happy. I really liked him. As for the plot, I enjoyed the story, and it didn't move too slow for me. I liked immersing myself in World War II culture of Georgia. Everson wove a lesson of God's plan for our futures are already laid out, and we need to trust and wait for his purpose in our lives. To conclude, The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie Everson is a wonderful coming of age novel about allowing God to control our paths in our lives. With rich characters and a great setting, I really got lost in the story. I wished there was more or a sequel to show what happens to other characters.

I received a complimentary copy of The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie Everson, and the opinions stated are all my own. 

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

What makes your favorite genre? Do you try everything in that genre or do you like to hop around and find more genres to your taste?

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