Friday, April 29, 2022

College is the New Welfare System

 By Kelly Bridgewater

I worked in the Financial Aid Office.

I hear all the time . . . Where's my refund?

Every semester when the bills and the Financial Aid is applied to their accounts, students and parents line up to call and ask where is my refund.

I'll take all my loans.

Take huge amounts of a Parent Plus or a Private Alternative Loan just so I can receive a refund.

Then they call.

How much is my refund?

$1000 a semester to pay for books and other supplies.

No. Not enough. I need at least $5000 a semester refund even though I live on campus.

More debt.

These students and parents know this has to be paid back, right?
No, they are waiting on Joe Biden to enforce the Student Loan Forgiveness, and me and every tax payer will have to pay their insurmountable  debt.

College is a gateway to free money.

We approve them for more than most students need.

Then you have the students who can barely pay their bill, so they work really hard without taking loans.

But they still believe they have to attend college, so they go, go into debt, and end up with a job at Meijer as a shift manager who makes $14 an hour with no overtime. No retirement plans. No pension. They will have to work two to three jobs at that rate to pay off the debt.

College is a way to receive "FREE" money.

What about you? Have you seen this happen before?

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