Friday, April 16, 2021

Refund for My Student Loans

 By Kelly Bridgewater

In a couple of months, I will talk about why I do not believe that Loan Forgiveness is a good thing for Americans.

Now that stupid Biden and Harris are doing everything in their power to destroy our country, why not try harder?

Loan forgiveness.

Sounds good . . . to the people that are not responsible enough to pay their loans off.

BUT . . .

What about the students who were responsible and actually have worked hard, saved, and sacrificed to actually pay off their student loan debts?

My husband took out $10,000 in student loan debts when he attended UTI in Chicago. We worked for years and finally paid this debt off with barely any income. We only made $12000 a year when we worked hard to pay this debt off. We had no credit cards. We had a little mortgage. We had no car payments. We did not go out to eat. I purchased all my boys clothes from yard sales and church sales. It was tough. No vacations. No latest electronics. Even today, my nineteen year old, sixteen year old, and twelve year old do not have phones. My phone is from 2012.

But we did it.

Now, if all these babies are getting their loan forgiven just because they are not responsible enough to budget and pay their bills that they took knowing the consequences completely, then I want a refund on my student loan debt that I paid back as a responsible adult.

You live within your means. Pay off the debt. Don’t make excuses and blame the government. YOU TOOK OUT THE LOANS. A college education is not a requirement to succeed in life. If you can’t pay for it without loans, then maybe you should not be attending a university.

Bottom Line:

No Loan Forgiveness for ANYONE!! That is the adult response! 

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