Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Deborah Raney: Finding Wings

 By Kelly Bridgewater

Taking care of her family is a blessing, but Britt thought there would be more to life--like falling in love . . .

Being the youngest of three sisters isn't always easy for Britt Chandler, especially when her older sisters have successful lives and hers is still on hold. She put everything aside to care for her dying mother, but now their mother is gone. Just as her life finally has a chance to blossom, her sister is ordered on bed rest during a difficult pregnancy, and it looks like God is again calling Britt to be a family caregiver--and nothing more.

Rafe Stuart is unable to forgive himself for a childhood mistake that had grave repercussions. And no matter how many lives he saves now as a first responder, he can't ever seem to do enough penance to free his soul from that decades-old tragedy. There definitely isn't room in his wounded heart for love; it's much too dangerous.

When these two struggling souls encounter each other, sparks fly. But they're both scared the fire that might result could destroy them--and the others around them. How can they begin to trust God to have the best for them and real purpose for their lives beyond what they've dreamed . . . or feared?


My Thoughts:

Deborah Raney and Beth K. Vogt have created stories that have featured three sisters and each sister has a story to tell. I have read all of Vogt's three stories and read the first and last of Raney's. I have truly enjoyed each of these five stories. While contemporary romance is not by chosen genre, I did enjoy these stories. Vogt stories focused mainly on the three sisters with a hint of romance; whereas, Raney's stories actually leaned more toward the romance of each sisters with their sister interaction. I enjoyed Raney's stories. With her latest and final book in the Chandler sisters' stories, Finding Wings, I really liked seeing Britt and Rafe tried to find their way through the struggles of falling in love. When Rafe was introduced, I saw him as a playboy with the way he came off with Stacie, but then Raney made him more realistic and charming as the story moved along. When Rafe had to face his ultimate fear, I liked how Raney made him face it and overcome it all in one big overarching moment in the story. As for Britt, she finally figures out what she wanted to do in her life, which was not that dramatic of a story as Rafe's, but it made her change too. Overall, Finding Wings was an enduring story of family and sisters. I recommend fans of Vogt's series to read this series too.

I received a complimentary copy of Finding Wings by Deborah Raney, but the opinions stated are all my own. (Cover came from Goodreads.)

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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