Friday, September 18, 2020

ACFW Storyfest 2020

By Kelly Bridgewater

Obviously, I enjoy reading books. 

I like talking about books. 

Reading books.

I especially get excited when I get to meet authors who stories I have admired. 

I have met and taken pictures with a number of authors. 

Ronie Kendig
Susan May Warren
Becky Wade
Steven James
Natalie Walters
Karen Witemeyer
Jen Turano
Liz Tolsma
Carrie Stuart Parks
 and on and on

I want to meet Sarah Sundin. I would love to spend time with her and talk World War II. 

Before the Corona virus took over everything, I was planning to attend the ACFW Storyfest 2020 this weekend. 

I was going to meet with Sarah Sundin and Julie Lessman, but now I can't do that. 

So much of this year has been wasted because of this "virus." So much special moments have been erased and can't be replaced. 

So much has been lost. 

Trump better get reelected because of all this joke going through our culture. 

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