Thursday, September 24, 2020

Bored With Reading

By Kelly Bridgewater

Have you ever been bored with reading?

I know. 

As a HUGE bookworm, nothing thrills me than reading a book, purchasing a book, looking at a book, or looking at upcoming releases and adding them to my to-be-read pile.

But during the whole Covid-19 scare, which could very much be going on, I had a hard time finishing books. Yes, I worked from home for 8 weeks straight, then went back to the office and had to do 50 hours a week, so when I returned home after work, I didn't want to read. 

Then while being at home, I wanted to finish our "we'll get to that when we have time" list.

We remodeled the laundry room, which had no floor, but the beams across the crawlspace. 

We sanded and resealed our hard wood floors throughout our living room and hallway. Of course, this included new trim throughout. 

We put new carpet in our bedroom. 

We had to take a huge hump out of our driveway since every time it rained, it rained into our garage, so we needed to fix this. Then we dumped a truck load or two of new gravel and had to spread it around. 

We put all new doors and trim throughout since I didn't like the 70's style hollow doors that were dark wood. I bought much lighter doors with the knots still in them. Much nicer. 

When I did sit down to read, the stories held no appeal. I couldn't lose myself in them.

What about you? Has the whole Covid-19 allowed you to read more or less? Why do you think this is?

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