Friday, August 16, 2019

Write Every Day

By Kelly Bridgewater

There is a number of writing advices that drive me nuts.

Write Every Day is one of them.

There are many days that my creativity juices just don't exist. I have sat and stared at my computer and nothing happens. If I started to write, I feel like my writing is crap, so I turn off the computer and do something else.

I don't know how writers do it who can write every day.

Don't we all get sick?

Are you supposed to continue writing then?

What about when you are on vacation with your family?

Supposed to ignore your family to write those forced words.

I don't think so.

Nothing is more hindering to a creative person than being forced to do something when it isn't there.

Trust me. I have tried for  three plus years since my Daddy passed away. It isn't there.

I want to be able to write.

I have a tons of ideas for stories, but when I sit down in front of that blank screen and start to click away on those keys, my mind screams "What are you doing?"

Then rolls and rolls of doubt blanket me. I stop writing and return to what I wrote.

Nothing good.

I pray for the gift and creative juices to flow again. But until they do, I will keep working and taking care of my family.

Maybe God wants me to be a middle age writer.

Maybe not this season in my life.

What about you? How do you feel about writing EVERY DAY?

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