Friday, August 9, 2019

I Got A Dream

By Kelly Bridgewater

"I Got a Dream."

Have you ever seen Tangled, the Disney movie?

I think it is my second favorite Disney movie.

There is a scene at The Lucky Duck, a bar where criminals hang out, where Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder sing a song about their dreams. Her dream is to see the floating lights, and Ryder wants to have an island all alone surrounded by piles of money.

Both characters are working toward their determined goals. Rapunzel keeps the same dream throughout the novel and goes to great lengths to make the dream a reality. Whereas, Flynn Ryder's dream changes by the end of the novel.

What about you? What about me?

I have a dream of being a published writer by writing fiction novels. I love reading mysteries and have read millions of them. I first thought I would write a romantic suspense, and even have three complete manuscript. Not that they are any good.

But then after reading the Daughters of Fortune series by Susan May Warren, I became opposed with Historical Romance. It spoke to me. I started looking for other writers who write in the same genre and discovered a whole new world to enjoy. Now I want to combine my two loves and create a World War II spy novel with tons of moments of suspense. I want to combine something like Sarah Sundin and Steven James type-story into one complete novel. I spent time researching World War II and hunt for the suspense elements.

Then my Daddy died.

If you have been following my blog for the past three years, I STOPPED writing when my father passed away. He was my inspiration and the voice of encouragement in my ears for years. Now he isn't here. I feel sad, and I don't write anything anymore except these blog posts.

Should I write anymore?

Maybe my dream should change.

I still got a dream, but I am watching my life slip past, and I haven't accomplished anything toward my writing career.

Maybe I shouldn't have this dream anymore.

What about you? Do you have a dream that has changed over time? Do you still fight for the same dream that you had since you were a little girl?

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