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Friday, January 11, 2019

Prayer for 2019

By Kelly Bridgewater


I pray for 2019. Another year has begun. I pray for our family to grow closer to you and lean more on you as we move through the year. Join my boys and my husband as we travel through this year together. Be with my boys as they perform in the school band and as they work in the theater. Help them to memorize verses for Awana and read the Bible daily, increasing in their knowledge of you.

I pray for my marriage. Lord, I thank you for a wonderful, loving husband who honors you with everything he does. I pray for  his strength and love of you to grow and increase. I pray for our marriage to keep improving as we work toward our 18th anniversary. May we carve out days and dates together to remember why we are in love in the first place.

Lord, I pray for my oldest son. This year, he will finish his junior year and move onto his senior year. Help guide him on his path as he moves toward what he wants to do with his life. In a year, he has to decide to go to college and move into a career. I know he is a smart and creative boy who really has a heart for you. I pray for his growth in you and keep his love for sharing about you to everyone.

I pray for my middle son. He is musically talented and loves listening to music. Keep his love of music alive and allow him to look forward to starting high school. Keep his love of being a sweet little boy alive. I pray he falls in love with you this year and realize how much he really needs to control his anger and depend on you for everything in his life.

My youngest. Not so young anymore. This year, he finishes fourth grade and moves onto fifth grade.  Keep his love for learning alive. I pray you keep pushing him to work hard and show everyone how much he can learn. Memorizing verses is a lot of fun for him. I pray he grows closer to you and keeps asking all the hard questions about you. Even if I don't know the answer, keep him curious.

I pray for me. Allow this job to give us more financial freedom as we work toward saving more money for retirement and paying off our mortgage. Thank you for my job. Allow me to be inspired to write again, hopefully this year or next.

I pray for authors. The ones I read and the ones I support. Even the ones that write Christian fiction in a genre I don't gravitate toward. I pray they keep using their God-given talent to bring others to you and show what a wonderful God we serve.


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