Friday, July 13, 2018

God's Call (Part 2)

Kelly Bridgewater

Last week, I talked about what I believed is God's calling on my life. The signs are all there. I LOVE to read and write. Nothing makes me more excited than plotting a story or discovering a new author or a new book by a favorite author. I LOVE recommending books to friends who ask for suggestions on what to read next. (And trust me, it happens A LOT!!)

So naturally, the thing that brings the most joy to my life is the tool I believed God wanted me to use to witness to others.

Jesus used stories to make a point, so if I loved stories, why couldn't I use stories to make a point?

BUT . . . 

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for the past twelve years, I have lined my life and college goals up with that choice. I worked on the newspaper in high school, I choose English as my major with Creative Writing as my minor for my Bachelor's degree, and I even went on to choose Writing for my Master's Degree. I believed I was on the correct path for a job in writing or publishing.

I wrote for the church newspaper. I helped students with their writing. I have helped friends with their stories and their writings.

I applied for jobs in the publishing industry. I applied for jobs to be a Writing Teacher in college or high school. I applied for jobs to be literary agents assistance with NO PAY.

I have spent years sitting at home, researching, plotting, and planning these novels.

I have written three complete novels. Even the synopsis.

BUT . . . (Yes, another "Y" in the road.)

Why have I studied the Bible and asked God to come alongside me in the journey to publication or a position with a publishing company? I have worshipped God even through the trials (and boy, have there been a lot of them.)

The question I'm asking now is:

What if writing isn't the call on my life?

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