Friday, July 6, 2018

God's Call (Part 1)

Kelly Bridgewater

How do you know God's calling for your life?

Do you think about this aspect of your life ALL THE TIME?

Do you have sprinkling of ideas pop in your head at weird times of the day, so you have to write down the ideas before they leave?

Do you actually get excited when you are immersed in this world?

Have you tried to stop and move to something else, but the tug of this aspect keeps dragging you back in with new ideas?

If not, lucky you.

I have.
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I believed and have believed for the past twenty-four years of my life that writing or books IS my calling from God.

I love to read. I love to analyze books, and the writers ability to show me a good story.

I love to write. Writing a research paper or crafting a story from my imagination fills me with excitement. I love the moment when a story idea or plot twist plops into my lap, and I can't wait to run with it and write the scene playing around in my head.

I love promoting authors. (Just look at the number of books on my blog!!!!!)

I have written three full length romantic suspense novels. I have written a number of bad novellas and really bad fan fiction for movies when I was younger. I have written stories since I was little.

The grammar aspect of writing and reading really didn't catch my attention until college when a professor introduced grammar like a puzzle that not everyone knows the answer. It made me feel special. Especially today, when texting lingo bothers me, which is why I blocked all texts to my phones. Keeps my friends close or they would eventually hate me.

What about you? What is your calling for your life? Is it writing? It is being an artist? An accountant?

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