Monday, February 13, 2017

Candace Calvert: Maybe It's You

By Kelly Bridgewater

ER nurse Sloane Ferrell escaped her risky past—new name, zip code, job, and a fresh start. She’s finally safe, if she avoids a paper trail and doesn’t let people get too close. Like the hospital’s too-smooth marketing man with his relentless campaign to plaster one “lucky” employee’s face on freeway billboards.

Micah Prescott’s goal is to improve the Hope hospital image, but his role as a volunteer crisis responder is closer to his heart. The selfless work helps fill a void in his life left by family tragedy. So does a tentative new relationship with the compassionate, beautiful, and elusive Sloane Ferrell.

Then a string of brutal crimes makes headlines, summons responders . . . and exposes disturbing details of Sloane’s past.

Can hope spring from crisis?

My Review:

Having read the first two books in Candace Calvert's first two books in the Crisis Team series, I really enjoyed them. Her stories always have characters that dig at my heart and make me want to keep turning the page. With her final book in the Crisis Team series, Maybe It's You, I felt the same way. I enjoyed the strong, yet flawed characters with a plot that kept me focused on the story.

Like the previous novels, Calvert uses her knowledge of the medical field to make her story shine. The inner workings of the medical hospital is proven with Calvert's incorporation into the story.  While the medical research is important, Calvert also understands how to create an interesting, yet concise story where characters stay in their point of view and have me empathize with them.

Sloane Ferrell is a strong heroine who is an ER nurse. I enjoy stories where the past comes back to haunt the individual characters. It makes the story better. With Sloane, it is no exception. Sloane is a caring and loving nurse who tries to escape her past, but it catches up and interferes with her current movements. I really enjoyed spending time with her. I loved seeing her flawed and trying to put her life back together. As for Micah, he is a PR person who works with the crisis team on the side, so he wants to help others out in his spare time too, which makes him perfect for Sloane.
While the individual characters are well-written, the romance wasn't too cheesy or over the top. I really enjoyed watching the love story of Sloane and Micah slowly unfold. Their romance takes time to develop and moves at a nice pace. But one thing about their romance bothered me . . . It was the proposal at the end of the story. I understand completely that it is formulaic to throw the type of endings in a romance, but I really, really don't like those type of endings.

The plot centers around Sloane's past and a young women named Zoey who is wrapped up in human trafficking. The story gripped me pretty early on and kept my attention glued to the page. I liked being lost in a world where the innocent is downtrodden, but then strike to victory in the end. I loved when justice is served. Maybe It's You does exactly that.

Maybe It's You is a predictable and unoriginal novel. The story idea has been done a number of times, but I really enjoyed it. While the story keeps me glued to the page, Calvert gently reminds me that God loves you no matter what you have done in your past. Something all of us need to remember. Fans of Calvert's other stories and Beth K. Vogt's novels should pick this novel up. I highly recommend it.

In conclusion, Candace Calvert's Maybe It's You, is a gripping story with flawed, yet realistic characters and non-stop moving plot with a predictable element that kept me glued to the pages.

I received a complimentary copy of Maybe It's You from Tyndale Publishing and the opinions stated are all my own. 

My Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I really enjoy stories where Justice is served, especially to the innocent. What about you? What draws us to the this genre?

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