Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lynette Eason: Moving Target

By Kelly Bridgewater

When Maddy McKay and Quinn Holcombe don't show up for Quinn's surprise birthday party, his friends know that something is very wrong. Their search turns up little beyond evidence that Quinn and Maddy just decided to take off for a long overdue vacation. But it soon becomes apparent that they did not leave of their own accord.

Maddy awakens in a cement room with no idea where she is. But it's not long before she realizes she's in the clutches of a madman exacting revenge by hunting. His prey of choice? Humans. Now Maddy and Quinn must run for their lives, hoping to find their killer before the next game begins. Because if they don't win this game, they die.

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My Review:

Lynette Eason is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. She knows what the readers want and she doesn't let me down. I have read everything that Eason has printed, and I don't regret my discussion. She always gets me with her suspense and a hint of romanc, but has me begging for more.

Eason is at the top of her game in her writing. She creates realistic settings and allows it to explode in my mind. I have no problem anchoring myself in the setting. In Moving Target, she places me on an island for a while, and I can feel the ocean breeze and hear the rustle of the wind through the leaves. Speaking of writing, Eason does a great job at using concise writing where she invites me into the character's point of view and completely understand their hurts and pains.

One of my favorite elements of Moving Target is the plot. With a little mixture of Hunger Games, Eason created an unique suspense story that kept me on my toes the whole time. I didn't want to put the story down. Every time I believed I had a break in the story, Eason upped the anty and made me want to turn the page to the next chapter. She really knows how to create a non-stop action story that I had a hard time putting down.

One of my favorite thing about Eason's romantic suspense is that she downplays the romance. Don't get me wrong. It is there but subtle, which I really enjoy when I spend time in a romantic suspense novel. I want more of the suspense than the romance. In Moving Target, the romance between Maddy and Quinn has been forthcoming, and it was nice to see it come to fortuation. Even though the ending to their romance was completely cliché.

Maddy and Quinn both have issues with their families, and this plot helped both of them solve those underlying family issues. Maddy and Quinn are both threaten a number of times, but they are both brave characters who don't let the villains get the best of them. I adore them for that.

Moving Target is a unique and totally unpredictable novel that I enjoyed spending time with. The research into the crime scene investigators and other police task force run seamless and felt completely real. The spiritual element is there, but it's part of what makes Maddy who she is. She doesn't force it on anyone. Moving Target is a great novel for fans of suspense like Irene Hannon, Brandilyn Collins, Kathy Herman, or Christy Barritt. I highly recommend Moving Target.

In conclusion, Lynette Eason's third installment in her Elite Guardian's series, Moving Target, is an unique, fast moving story with light romance and characters who beg to finally tell their story. I really can't wait to read the final installment, Chasing Secrets.

I received a complimentary copy of Lynette Eason's Moving Target from Revell Publishing and the opinions stated are all my own.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I LOVE everything Lynette Eason writes!! How about you? How many of her books have you read? Is there a go-to author for you? If so, who? Why?

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