Friday, February 17, 2017

A Look into the Past: A Bookworm's Journey

By Kelly Bridgewater

I saw Melissa Tagg do this type of blog post during the November Scavenger Hunt, and I really wanted to do the same thing. So I hope I did Melissa justice in copying her post. Here goes:

Age 5:

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I started reading at a young age. I really enjoyed getting lost in a good book from the beginning. I loved looking at the pictures and seeing how the words were illustrated by the artist.

My first love were The Bernstein Bears. I loved a story of Mama, Papa, Brother, and Sister Bear who were always getting into trouble. I especially loved the Christmas and Halloween versions. Made me smile.

Age 10:

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I went to the library every week and checked out tons of books. I looked forward to the reading program every summer where I earned points and prizes for the number of books I read from my local library.

At his age, I looked forward to Nancy Drew, The Baby-sitters Club, and Encyclopedia Brown. I really enjoyed helping Nancy and Encyclopedia hunt for the clues and try to solve the mystery. Must be where my love of mysteries and thrillers come from. Even today, I lean toward books that have a mystery in them. On the other hand, I enjoyed watching The Baby-sitters Club members, all seven of them, struggle with growing up while baby-sitting to earn money. I enjoyed their journeys.

Age 15:

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I still went to the local library and depended on my school library to feed my reading addiction.

I really enjoyed reading Fear Street by R. L. Stine, Christopher Pike, and anything Sweet Valley. I continued my love of mysteries but by this age, the stories have matured a lot and had more blood and scary aspects to them. While I enjoyed mysteries, I really enjoyed following Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield through their struggles as juniors at Sweet Valley High and freshman at Sweet Valley University. It is a gripping continuing saga involving twin sisters. Love. Hate. Boys. School. It was great for a young teenager to read.

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Age 20:

I was a young married woman who had a job at the local Christian bookstore, so my books changed perspective.

 I had read Robin Jones Gunn Christy Miller's series and felt like a normal person because of the troubles that affected the young, inexperienced Christian teenager. I became fascinated with Revelation by reading the New York Bestselling Left Behind series, which opened a whole new genre for me. I found Karen Kingsbury around this time and devoured every novel she wrote.

Age 25:

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I went back to college to better myself as a writer and earn my degrees. I had to read a lot of BAD literature but found some treasures in my study of the past writers.

I still read Karen Kingsbury. I discovered Dee Henderson, Terri Blackstock, and Susan May Warren. I couldn't get enough of reading these books. I had a library card from the local library and that is where I went to find all my books. Luckily, our local library is pretty on top of having the latest books as soon as they are published. I would check out anywhere from ten to fifteen books every other week and read them in between my essays writings.

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Age 30+:

Today, I still read like crazy. Usually, about 200 books a year. I still love losing myself in a good book, but now I have more time on my hand to read. With the introduction of the Kindle, it is easier to carry TONS of books around at all times. I have about 1000 plus books on my Kindle, and I love knowing if a certain book doesn't capture my attention, I can always switch to another without all the weight.
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Right now, I'm obsessed with Sarah Sundin and anything World War II related. World War II and Mysteries are some of my favorite genres, so I look forward to a new book. I have become a fan of historical fiction. Jen Turano, Lorna Seilstad, Julie Lessman, Kristy Cambron, and Cara Putnam are some of my favorite historical writers to date. I can't get into westerns though. Trust me, I have tried a number of times and can't do it. As for mysteries, I LOVE Steven James' Patrick Bower's series.

So what about you, what books have you been reading at pivotal moments in your life. I would love to have a continuing conversation with you about some of your favorite books.

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