Tuesday, August 23, 2016

James Rubart: The Long Journey to Jake Palmer

By Kelly Bridgewater

What if a balm for your greatest pain appeared in a lost corridor on the far side of a remote lake? Would you search for it? Or dismiss it as nonsense?

Jake Palmer’s annual lake-house vacation with longtime friends was supposed to be relaxing—it was supposed to take his mind off his recent divorce.  But when he meets an elderly man early one morning on the lake, his world tips on its side. The old man claims there’s a forgotten corridor at the far end of the lake that few ever discover. But for those who do, and follow to where it leads, they’ll find answers to their deepest questions of loss. At first, the search just seems like a distraction. But does he really want to find it?

The Long Journey to Jake Palmer explores profound loss and how to take hold of real hope when there seems to be none.

The Long Journey to Jake Palmer
from Barnes and Nobles

My Review:

James Rubart is a new-to-me author. After reading his book The Five Times I Met Myself, I was inspired to hunt down more of his novels. Rubart's novels are contemporary novels that border on the fantasy, but the spiritual truths that come from the novel reach a cord inside of me. The Long Journey to Jake Palmer does exactly that.

I love the idea of friends getting together at a log cabin every year to reconnect. With Rubart's words, I had no problem visioning this massive lake with the cabin on the hill keeping guard. The writing invited me from the first chapter with Jake trying to be a hero for a young woman who is being bullied back into prostitution. I empathized with Jake right away.

The Long Journey to Jake Palmer is an original and completely unpredictable story about Jake Palmer's journey to freedom. For years, he has been struggling with the reality of his parents. After the initial incident in the book's opening, Jake has to add another load to his shoulders. To make matters worse, his wife leaves him, allowing Jake to question God. I found Jake relatable because he wasn't perfect. Rubart allowed Jake and all his friends to show their faults. I had a really hard time putting the novel down. It was a simple idea story, but it hit so close to home.

The story centers around a mythical corridor that is supposed to bring true healing to the person who enters. Jake learns about to true forgiveness and moving on with his personal life. He, also, learns not to hide behind his own shadow but face reality. Finally, Jake learns how to hold onto real hope in Jesus.

Creating a unique look at forgiveness and seeking Jesus when nothing else works, James Rubart's latest novel The Long Journey to Jake Palmer captured and held my attention with the fault filled characters and the well-paced plot. I highly recommend this book to every person, whether you read Rubart's books or not. There is a lesson for everyone in this novel.

I received a complimentary copy of The Long Journey to Jake Palmer from Thomas Nelson Publishing and the opinions stated are all my own.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

What is it about books with a deep spiritual truth that relates to you? 

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