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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mary Weber: Siren’s Fury

By Kelly Bridgewater

Back Cover Copy:
“I thrust my hand toward the sky as my voice begs the Elemental inside me to waken and rise. But it's no use. The curse I've spent my entire life abhorring—the thing I trained so hard to control—no longer exists.”
Nym risked her life to save Faelen, her homeland, from a losing war, only to discover that the shape-shifter Draewulf has stolen everything she holds dear. But when the repulsive monster robs Nym of her storm-summoning abilities as well, the beautiful Elemental realizes her war is only just beginning.

Now powerless to control the elements that once emboldened her, Nym stows away on an airship traveling to the metallic kingdom of Bron. She must stop Draewulf. But the horrors he’s brought and the secrets of Bron are more than Nym bargained for. Then the disturbing Lord Myles tempts her with new powers that could destroy the monster, and Nym must decide whether she can compromise in the name of good even if it may cost her very soul.

As she navigates the stark industrial cityscape of Bron, Nym is faced with an impossible choice: change the future with one slice of a blade . . . or sacrifice it all for the one thing her heart just can’t let go.

My Review:

I had the chance to review the first book in Mary Weber’s Storm Siren trilogy, Storm Siren, and I jumped on the chance. Follow this link to read my review on Storm Siren. Anyway, I loved the cover, and when Mary showed the cover for the second book, I couldn’t wait to get my hand on the second book in the series. Young Adult books that you can read and enjoy as an adult are some of my favorite books.

In this book, readers will come across Nym who is without her elemental powers, which were taken away from her at the end of the first book. Nym is still a strong, powerful woman who hates injustice and needs to learn to control her temper. Weber does a good job at allowing Nym to be a normal seventeen year old who is dealing with all these emotions fighting for center stage. The minor characters of Myles and Rasha balance and keep Nym in check. Without them, I think Nym would have been in a lot more trouble.

I had more problems with the conflict this time around because for the longest time, there was not any. Nym, Rasha, and Myles are following Eogan around and watching his destruction, then going back to their room, then back to the table to discuss more talks. Nothing really happens for a while. The tension is mostly from Nym’s internal struggle. The story lags and drags for quite a long time. I kept wanting something to happen. About 85 % in the book, according to my Kindle, the real conflict explodes on the page, grabbing my attention. The ending was satisfying, and I can’t wait for the next book.

As for the writing, it had a lot of prose. If you enjoy reading a story that has little dialogue with tons of internal dialogue, then this is the story for you. I don’t believe Weber did this to take away from the story; I believe Weber wanted to make the story as authentic as possible since the story is a first-person narrator. A lot of the prose the readers need in order to understand Nym and her struggle in Siren’s Fury.

Overall, Mary Weber’s Siren’s Fury grabbed my attention in the first chapter with her continuing first-person narrative with the strong, heroine of Nym. The setting reminded me of a dystopian novel, haunting the reader long after they finish the book. I recommend this book to anyone who has read the first book and was left gasping after the first cliff-hanger.

I received a complimentary copy of Mary Weber’s Siren’s Fury from Thomas Nelson through Netgalley and the opinions stated above are all my own.

Mary Weber’s Bio:

Mary Weber is a ridiculously uncoordinated girl plotting to take over make-believe worlds through books, handstands, and imaginary throwing knives. In her spare time, she feeds unicorns, sings 80's hairband songs to her three muggle children, and ogles her husband who looks strikingly like Wolverine. They live in California, which is perfect for stalking L.A. bands, Joss Whedon, and the ocean.

Mary Weber
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