Friday, June 9, 2023

Rachel Hauck’s Wedding Series Spotlight

 By Kelly Bridgewater

Since June is traditionally a wedding month, I thought I would feature a Wedding Dress series that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Have you read Rachel Hauck’s Wedding Dress series? If not, here is the covers and the links to their synopsis: (All images and links come from Goodreads).

The Wedding Dress


The Wedding Chapel


The Wedding Shop


The Wedding Dress Christmas


The Writing Desk (Not officially part of the series, but does feature the same characters.)


All of these stories are fabulous written with heart, depth to the characters, and a happily-ever-after. My favorite one is The Writing Desk. I have read it three times, and still am amazed at what a gifted storyteller that Rachel Hauck is. I love how Hauck always draws the characters and reader to God. She is definitely a wonderful storyteller with this element. 

How about you? If you enjoyed these stories, what did you like about them? If you have not read these, do they sound interesting? Why or why not?

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