Monday, July 26, 2021

Lisa Harris: The Chase

 By Kelly Bridgewater

US Marshal Madison James may not be sure who shot her three months ago, but she does know one thing--it's time to get back out into the field. When her partner, Jonas Quinn, receives a message that a federal warrant just came in on a man connected to a string of bank robberies, Madison jumps at the chance to get back to work. What she and Jonas find is a bank robbery in progress that's gone wrong--and things are about to get worse.

For these bank robbers, it's never been just about the money. It's about taking risks and adrenaline rushes, and getting caught is not part of the game. When the suspects escape, Madison and Jonas must hunt them down and bring them to justice before someone else--someone close to them--gets hurt . . . or worse.

From Seattle to the San Juan Islands, bestselling author Lisa Harris takes you on a nonstop chase where feelings are complicated and failure isn't an option.


My Thoughts:

The Chase by Lisa Harris is just like the title suggests. A chase. A chase to find the bank robbers. Through the city. Through hotels. Through back alleys. The plot definitely moves every second. While readers may think they know how the story ends, Harris throws another wrench in the plans and have the heroine and hero on the chase again. The plot was well-written and wonderful for fans who enjoy tons of action in their storylines. On the other hand, the romance is hinted at and even flirted with, but nothing comes out of the budding emotions currently. (There is a third book coming!) I actually enjoy this element of the novel. Too many suspense or contemporary romance, for that part, the romance occurs way too quickly. Then the rest of the story centers around the romance and the suspense takes a back seat. When I read a suspense novel, I want the suspense, not the romance. It can be there, but I do not want it to be the main story thread. On a different note, Harris' writing is excellent. Readers will feel the chase and the frustration of not catching them again and again. Overall, The Chase by Lisa Harris is a fast-paced, little romance story that is right up my alley. I believe fans of suspense will enjoy this novel. I sure did.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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