Friday, August 7, 2020

Transition to Life

By Kelly Bridgewater

Do you remember that summer after graduation from high school?

Do you remember working at your part time job, but now became a full-time job?

I remember hanging out with friends way past my old curfew.

 I remember traveling places without asking my parents' permission. I just told them where I was going.  We didn't have cell phones then, so you would call home as soon as you could to let your parents know you reached your destination and was okay.

I remember looking toward my future with uncertainty.

The fear.

The thrill.

The what-if.

Now twenty years later, I'm watching my first born son do the same thing.

He graduated high school last May. Survived the pandemic of the Corona bug.

Now ready to face the world.

I don't know what he plans to do with his life.

The uncertainty of what is to come.

His father and I have worked really prepare all three of our boys to enter the world as Godly-man who want to change the world.

I pray for his safety and what the Lord calls him to do with his life.

What about you? Have you done this already? If not, do you think you're preparing your kids enough?

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