Friday, August 14, 2020

New School Year

By Kelly Bridgewater

School this year will be different.

Hopefully, it is nothing like the last two and half months of last school year. Kids will actually attend their schools and participate in school activities.

March through May was a crazy time in the world in general.

I pray we are over that by now.

If we are, this school year appears to be different for my family.

My oldest has now graduated from high school and has moved onto different things.

But I still have a sophomore and sixth grader at home who need to keep doing Awana's at church and band at school.


Help every student who is going back to school already or in the next couple of weeks. Keep their mind focused on learning and help them to succeed. Help the students who shine for you to shine even brighter. I pray for confidence and encourage as they enter the next stage in their lives.


Good luck this year students of all ages!

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