Friday, May 8, 2020

Tribute to Mothers

By Kelly Bridgewater

I am lucky enough to have two mothers.

My mother who gave birth to me, and my mother through marriage.

My mother is a wonderful woman who uses God to guide all her decisions. She is the type of mother who has spent tons of hours praying for her children and a desire to learn more about God.

I learned a majority of my frugal tips from my mother. I watched her go to yard sales when I was younger so that could be where I earned my desire for a good sale.

My mother enjoys spending time with my boys and me. She values quality time not screen time. Definitely agree with that.

I also have clean freak gene from my mother. I like a clean house, and I live with four messy boys, which drive me nuts.

On the other hand . . .

my mother-in-law is actually someone I totally enjoy spending time with. I know most daughters can't stand their mother-in-laws or they just put up with them on the holidays, but I actually enjoy my mother-in-law.

We have gone Christmas shopping, book sale shopping, and deep discount shopping on Black Friday together. I don't mind going to her house and helping her with something. I don't mind her teaching me things too. I have learned how to sew things together from her. She has always cut my boys hair. I have never went to a barber for my boys.  

I know that I can reach out to her when I have a flat tire or feel sick, and she will rush right over and help me out.

She has been there for all my boys' birthdays, Christmas programs, and anything my boys has been in.

I'm grateful that God has given me these two women to pour into my  life. The Bible does mention that we should learn from the older generation, and I think I definitely learn a lot from these two wonderful women.

Thank you!

What about you? Do you have mothers or an elderly woman who pours into your life on a daily or weekly basis?

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