Friday, May 22, 2020


By Kelly Bridgewater

This weekend, my oldest son graduates from high school.


How is that even possible?

Didn't I just graduate from high school a couple of years ago?

I know it has been twenty years, but it doesn't feel that long ago.

I can't believe my family is about to change.


I pray for my son as he embarks on this new quest for his life. Keep him close. Allow him to keep you as the most important in his life. Allow him to grow closer and closer to you. Guide him as he ventures out into this big, scary, and faithless world. I want him to keep clinging to you as he discovers all you made him to be.

Son, I know you can do this. It may seem scary now, but eventually, it won't, and I know you are strong enough to do this. Your father and I have shown you all you need to know, but we are just a phone call away if you need us.

Love you so much!

I'm proud of the man you have become!


Your mother


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