Friday, February 28, 2020

Winter Leaving

By Kelly Bridgewater

I can't believe it is already February 28th. Didn't we just celebrate Halloween? Thanksgiving and my birthday flew by. Christmas was a blur of packages. Thanks to my job at the United States Postal Service.

Now we are moving unto warmer temperatures. Well, at least, in Indiana. We only suffer through winter for January. We still have fall like temperatures up to the new year. Then January acts like winter. Then spring tries to pop its head out in February. Winter might come back for  a day or two in March. Then it becomes full fledge summer on April 1st.  No real cool weather here.

When I was little, (I know. Grandma stop whining.) I remember the winters being longer with more snow and colder temperatures. Not anymore.

We're lucky if we see one snow fall that is more than an inch. And I'm talking getting to three inches. Nothing big. I really want a foot of snow, so I can play in it.

Yes, it would make my job at the USPS a lot harder. I do rural routes, so the roads would not be cleared, and remember when you plow the road, clear the path to your mailbox. If we can't reach it without getting out of the car, I don't have to DELIVER it. That includes your Amazon orders too. 
(Off my soap box.)

I do enjoy seeing the flowers bloom in spring, but other than that, I really don't look forward to warmer temperatures.

How about you? Do you lean more toward colder temperatures or warmer temperatures? Why do you think that is?

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