Friday, February 1, 2019

Word for 2019

By Kelly Bridgewater

If you have been following my blog for long, then you know that 2018 has been a rough year for my immediate family.

Every SINGLE appliance in our house broke. That is a lot of money. When the freezer went out, so did over a thousand dollars in meat we just stocked up over Labor Day weekend when chicken and hamburger went on sale.

The transmission went out on our family's Suburban. My husband's truck broke, so we upgraded him to a Honda Civic, which gets 40 miles to the gallon. We live about 30 minutes from the local big city where my husband and I work.

After feeling like every single penny we saved for the emergency fund for these reasons disappeared, I was tired of fixing things.

I even questioned my faith in God. I know. People like my mother says I can't do that. Not that I have given up on my faith in him. I just wonder why I have to keep spending my hard earned money to fix things, and it seems no one else has to fix much. They take vacations with their money. Not me. I have to fix things again. I really want to stop this cycle.

So . . .

for the new year, I kept wondering what word God wanted to use to guide 2019. It whispered in my ear one day while I was sitting in my writing and reading chair. I wrote it down.

The next day, when having my devotions, God led me to the verse to back it up. Weird, huh?
The word of 2019 for me is REST.

Do you do a word for the new year? If so, what is your word?

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