Friday, April 13, 2018

Historical Romance Changed My Perspective

By Kelly Bridgewater

If you read my last post, I discussed how suspense, thrillers, and mysteries are my go-to genre when choosing a new book.

But in 2011, I was already a fan of Susan May Warren's writing. I really enjoyed her Team Hope series, which is the her full length romantic suspense novels. I enjoyed the chase, and the story fed my love of mysteries and suspense.

But that year, Warren came out with a new series, Daughters of Fortune, with Heiress as her first book. I didn't buy it when it came out. At the time, most of my books came from the local library. I requested tons of books and checked out tons too.  I waited until the second book Baroness came out, so I could check out both of them at once.

If I wasn't a fan of Warren's writing, then I don't think I would have picked up the books. Historical was not my choice at all.

Boy, I was glad I did.

I devoured those two first books and prayed for more historical books like those. I wanted to read more about the roaring twenties. So I went to the library and found some more authors. Over the years since then I have found more authors being published in the historical novels I enjoy.

I like Historical Romances from 1860 - 1947. I enjoyed Victorian settings with the hint of mystery and the dark side of society. I read novels by Elizabeth Camden who creates characters who are involved in the changing of technology in the late nineteenth century, and how they cope with it. I LOVE Jen Turano's writing where she shows the wealthy side of American society and the servants and wealthy alike. I like Cathy Marie Hake's historical stories. I enjoy Carrie Turansky take on early twentieth century London. I love Susan Anne Mason's Courage of Dreams series. Lorna Seilstad wrote interesting stories with strong heroines. I LOVE Julie Lessman's O'Connor'sseries, which is seven full length novels and three novellas long. 

I also enjoyed her San Francisco series. I love Kate Breslin's look into World War I as well as Myra Johnson's trilogy.

But I really LOVE anything to do with World War II. Sarah Sundin is my go-to author. I purchase everything she writes the day it comes out and finish it the same day. (If you haven't tried her, you're missing out!) Some other World War II authors, Melanie Dobson, Liz Tolsma, Cathy Gohlke (Secrets She Kept is a wonderful tale on forgiveness, and I recommend everyone read it!), Kristy Cambron, Cara Putnam, Joel Rosenberg (The Auschwitz Escape is a fascinating read!), Anna Schmidt wrote a Quaker's view on World War II, and Rick Barry wrote a story about an experiment by the Nazi's that went wrong.

What about you? Has your taste change since you were little? Do you know read a new genre you didn't read when you were younger even though you still love your first genre choice in books?

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