Friday, September 22, 2017

A Letter to a Non-Reader

Dear Non-reader,

Have you ever been bored? Have you ever wish there was something to do that made you different? 

Ever dreamed you had magical powers? Ever wanted to visit a foreign county, like London, Paris, France, or Italy? Or how about visiting an imaginary place like Hogwarts and Narnia?

Well, you have come to the right place.

I have the solution for you.

Pick up a book.

 I know, what a book? I have tried that before. There are plenty of boring books out there. Trust me, I have read tons of them. 

In college, I think they pick the most boring books and make us poor undergraduate and graduate students read.

But that is the variety of life . . . there are different genres. Something for everyone.



Science Fiction.


Suspense / Mystery / Thrillers.


And a combination of all of these different genres.

As an avid reader, I have experience trips of Europe and other parts of America. I have time-traveled to the past where I have spent time living in a Medieval castle, lived in estates, experienced World War I and World War II, and watched as the world survived fires and earthquakes. I have watched the world embrace new technologies and seen some fall. I have experienced the world as an immigrant. I have experienced the hunt for a number of serial killers and was a police officer on the trail to hunt down injustice.

My world is filled with adventures that I will never probably never experience in my normal life, but because I don't mind spending time with my nose in a book, I spend more time exploring the world not within my reach.

Even though you have been burnt before my bad books, don't hesitate to try again. If the book doesn't fit you, then find a different book. Even in the same genre. Some authors in a genre I enjoy don't write as well as I'm used to, so I return to other authors. But times, I find a new author to enjoy when I browse the shelves at the local bookstore or library.

I hope that you give reading another chance and find something you will enjoy.

All the best,

An avid reader

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