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Friday, August 11, 2017

Lunch with an Author (Part II)

By Kelly Bridgewater

Last week, I wrote part one blog post about having lunchwith a deceased author. Today, I want to share the living author I would love to have a lunch with.

This author has been featured on this blog with four of her books, and I have interviewed her once. I know she has her own writing to do, and I am extremely happy she does, because I love her writing, but I think it would be neat to sit down and share a lunch one day.

The author I am talking about is Sarah Sundin.

She has written nine novels, and one novella while working on her next series about Normandy with three brothers.

As a young girl, I loved spending time with my grandfather as he talked about his experience in World War II, and I even took the time to record his memories and life in a notebook for future generations. There is something about the bravery of World War II that captures my love of their generation. I love how they didn't hesitate to stand up for our country. Sad to say I don't think the young people now days would do that. They would hide and make protests like the wimps they are. ( Not all of them. I do have second cousins who are serving our country, but so many of them seem to stand for nothing. They just blow in the wind.)

If I had lunch with Sundin, I would love to talk about my writing. Maybe we would discuss different aspects of World War II. Right now, I working on a World War II spy novel with London as my setting. Maybe she could talk about research. How much should I do? Any suggestions on things to make this story more realistic. Maybe give me some suggestions on how to incorporate the research into my story without the readers knowing.

Sundin and I don't have to talk about research and writing the whole time. Maybe we could talk about her son being in the navy, and how hard it was to let go of him. Since my son is now a sophomore in high school, I'll have to be letting go of him pretty soon. How do I do that? Maybe Sundin and I will pray and offer encouragement for any stress we have in our lives. I want to be a blessing to her just as she could be a blessing to my life and writing career.

I don't know if this blog post is a little weird, but it is my imagination at play. I don't know if I'll ever have a lunch with Sundin, but it's okay to play out a conversation in my head.

How about you? Do you have a living author that you would love to pick their brain for an hour or two? If so, who?

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