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Friday, August 4, 2017

Lunch with An Author (Part I)

By Kelly Bridgewater

I know this question has been around for a while, and I know that everyone has an opinion. I thought 

I would give mine. What a better way to write a blog post.

If I could have lunch with any author who would it be?
For today, I have two authors. Just because one is already dead and the other one might happen, you never know.  (You'll have to come back next week to see who the living author is!!)

First, I would love to have lunch with C. S. Lewis.

Lewis was my first introduction to the Christian fiction fantasy genre when I was in high school. My father purchased The Silver Chair for me, and I couldn't wait to read all seven books in the series. As I have grown up, I have read tons of his literary criticism, his science fiction, his adult fiction, his opinions on the Psalms, his letters, his autobiographies. Then I have read tons of books written about him. I wrote two papers in graduate school about Lewis' writings. One was to prove that Lewis created The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as a fairy tale, not as a Biblical allegory. The second was to prove that Lewis' love of John Milton's Paradise Lost help developed his foundation for The Screwtape Letters. I read some many books to do the research on these papers, but I loved the research as much as writing the final paper.

Lewis is a fascinating author, but I think he really shines when he talks about literature or putting down the way the education system was training their students. He lived a bookish, literary life, and I couldn't imagine a better life than being paid to read books all the time.

What was better than hanging out in a pub surrounded by other literary giants and discussing books or their personal writings? I mean, Lewis hung out with Tolkien and read his rough drafts of the Lord of the Rings.  Wouldn't be cool to have a critique partner that makes it big, and you could say I knew him when he deleted or added this scene.

What about you? Is there an author who is deceased who you would love to sit and talk with? If so, who?

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