Friday, July 21, 2017

The Great Debate: Pro versus Con (Part II)

By Kelly Bridgewater

Last week, I commented on the pros and cons of print books. Today, I want to discuss the pros and cons of e-books. Feel free to leave comments on the bottom. I would love to see what you think are the good and bad sides to e-readers.



I love the ability to be able to carry around 600 books at once. Yes, I know I won't be able to read them all, but it is like the physical library in my house. It is nice sometimes to scan what titles I have and take inventory. Plus, when I go on vacation, I have plenty of books to read, so if I certain book doesn't capture my attention for that moment, then I can jump to another book without any added weight in my bag.


I know authors work really hard on their stories. Trust me, as a budding writer. I know how many hours a week I spent on research and writing. Then rewriting. Deleting. Editing. But I'm always on the lookout for a good price on a Kindle e-book. Every morning I check Vessel Project and see what she has listed as the latest books for sale.


There are millions of Kindle covers. Some look like actual books. Some are just slip over covers. They come in every shape and size to fit anyone's taste or budget. What a better way to show another aspect of our personalities.



Yes, you can scan through your books and see what you have, but does anyone else really want to scan your black and white photos of book covers. No. I don't. Just my own. No one has ever approached me and asked me about the books on my Kindle. It seems more of a private affair. Communication has been shut down.


Even though I do read a lot on my Kindle, it still isn't the same as reading a physical book. I always tell my husband that if all the power went down in the world, at least, I'll still have my physical copies to keep my brain moving.

I like both my Kindle and physical copy, but I tend to lean more toward my physical copy when sitting at home. When I go somewhere, even grocery shopping, I take my Kindle with me. Never know when I might need it.

How about you? When do you use your Kindle? Do you even have a Kindle? What about physical copies?

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