Friday, July 14, 2017

The Great Debate: Pro or Con

By Kelly Bridgewater

Today, I want to talk about one of the greatest debates in the last couple of years. No, I'm not talking about abortion or the president. This isn't the place for that type of discussion. I have my opinions, and you have yours, but I don't want to discuss that here.

Instead . . .

I want to talk about the debate between print versus e-books. Everyone has an opinion. Whether they are a reader or not. Avid readers, like me, have a strong opinion.

So to start this debate off, I will be arguing today for and against PRINT COPIES.


1.) FEEL

 I know every reader knows what I'm talking about. Nothing is better than picking up a physical copy of a new book and stroking the cover. Maybe even take a whiff of that new book smell. Who cares about a new car smell air freshner? How about a new book smell air freshner? That I would buy. I love admiring the cover art, the back art, and the spine art. As an added bonus, I love when the publisher puts some art on the chapter beginnings in a book. My favorite for inside work is Rachel McMillan's Herringford and Watts series. Great work inside and out!!! Nothing makes me more excited than getting a new book in the mail.


Not like we are standing on the corner, bragging about our books, but my library is right in my living room. Our house has a place for a dining room, but we also have a eat-in kitchen, so I took over the dining room as my library. My books are all on display. Mostly every time someone comes to my house, eventually, they make it over to my wall of books and comment 

on my collection. I'm always suggesting books depending on their choice of genre. I don't know about you, but I LOVE to talk bout books. Here and to everyone I meet. 


I LOVE looking at and purchasing bookmarks. Bookplates. A couple of years ago for my birthday my Daddy, bought me a Ideal Model M Pocket Seal that crimps my pages of my books with my name in it. LOVELY!!!  You can have them personalized. I love hunting for bookmarks that have quotes that are inspirational or with beautiful scenery on them.



Not that the book is boring. Even though that can be the case. I remember as a young girl when I visited my grandparents for the holidays, I would pack three or four books in my backpack to take with me. My mother always frowned. But . . . what if I got bored. Nothing is worse than having a book that doesn't capture my attention, and I have nothing else to read.  Sometimes when I went on vacation,  I would take more books than clothes. Another reason for my husband or mother to frown at me. Hey, the live of a reader!


Yes, I love to read, and I love seeing all my book spines displayed. But they take up a lot of room in my house. We moved last September, and everyone who was helping kept teasing me as they unloaded another box of books. Sorry, but they are important to me, just like my husband's tools are important to him. 

How about you? Have you given up on reading print books? Do you still purchase print books? Come back next week, where I will talk about the pros and cons of reading e-books. 

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