Friday, July 7, 2017

10 Reading Quirks

By Kelly Bridgewater

I saw Erica Vetsch post this back in March, and I wanted to respond with my own blog post.

I don't remember learning to read, but I do know it has been a major part of my life. Ever since I was little, I have never been without a book.

I was in the higher reading and math classes when I was younger.

That hasn't changed. I went to college and earned my Bachelor's in English and my Master's in Writing.

I am NEVER without a book!!!

I have a handful of reading quirks too. Here they are:

1.) I love suspense, mysteries, and thrillers, always trying to figure out the bad guy before it is revealed.

2.) I NEVER write in a fiction book but doodle, take notes, and write prayers in my non-fiction books, Bible included.

3.) I will only use a bookmark to mark my place. No dogeared corners.

4.) I don't like borrowing my books out unless I TRULY trust you to take care of my books.

5.) I do  a lot more reading on my Kindle than paperbacks any more.

6.) I have 1,167 books in my house.

7.) I have 1,500+ books on my Kindle. Only 549 are downloaded!

8.) I take a book with my everywhere (usually in the form of my Kindle). Yes, I have taken my Kindle to a wedding and read it!

9.) I only start one book at a time. I don't like having two or more going at the same time.

10.) Most people that enjoy and are good at English with the reading and writing are usually horrible at Math. I'm not one of them. I really enjoy Math. I went all the way through Calculus in college. I enjoy adding up the items in my cart in my head and figuring out the tax and see how close I come to the total when I check out. I impress my boys all the time because most of the time, I'm right to the penny.

Am I alone in any of these reading quirks? How about you? Do you have any reading quirks to add to this list? List them. Let's compare.

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