Friday, May 12, 2017

Why Book Reviews?

By Kelly Bridgewater

I have been asked why I write book reviews all the time. All you have to do is glance over my posts, and you can see that I read and write book reviews for tons of different publishing companies and authors. I am on a number of author's street teams for authors.

Here is the top 3 reasons why I, personally, write book reviews:

1.) Support Authors

I really enjoy authors. I admire how much work it takes to write a book and all the creativity they have floated around in their head. I hope that when I finish my novel (stick around it might happen!!) many of these authors will remember how much work I have done supporting them. Maybe they will endorse my book or allow me to mention them in my book.

2.) Share My Love of Books

I LOVE books. I have loved books since I was a little girl. Books are my entire life. When my husband and I go to a new town, besides planning our vacation, I hunt for a bookstore that is unique. When we visited Columbus, Ohio, a couple of years ago for a friend's wedding, we visited a church that was a bookstore. It was cool. I love to talk books with others. If you need a recommendation, I'm sure I have read something in your genre and can offer you a number of writers who would meet your expectation.

3.) FREE Books

Yes, it sounds funny. But I love getting books in the mail. Being on the street team for  these authors and being part of Blog networks for a number of publishing companies, I love when a package arrives with a new book in it. Most of the time when I finish reading them, I ask my friends at church would they like this book, so I share the love.

Thanks for listening to my reasons!

Do you review books? Why do you review books?

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