Friday, May 19, 2017

Toss the Books

By Kelly Bridgewater

What an odd title?

But I was wondering . . .

What do you do with the books that you receive to review?

As you know, I review a lot of books for different publishing companies, and they send me these books months in advance. I usually get around ten books a month. Some of them are ARC copies, some are bound copies of the manuscripts, and some of them are the final production of the book. (This doesn't include my Netgalley (e-book ARC copies) that I receive every month. I usually delete them from my Kindle after I'm done reading them and have written my review.)

I read them, then they pile up.

Some of the books, I keep and add them to my library, especially if the author is one of my favorite authors like Susan May Warren, Sarah Sundin, Elizabeth Camden, etc.

BUT . . .

Then there are the books that I read, but I know personally I will never pick up again. What about the books that were sent to me that I would never read in the first place. (Ahem, Amish books!!!)

I usually wait until after the publication date, and then I give them away. I know certain women at church who love to read mystery books. If I personally don't want it, I take it to church and give it to them.

I have an aunt who lives in Huntsville, Alabama who loves contemporary romance, so I gather a good chunk and ship them to her. Right now, I have ten books in a stack for her. Won't she be surprised!

I saw a young lady in my son's youth group reading The Hunger Games, so I passed on Rachelle Dekker's series to her. She was happy because she had never heard of them.

Nothing makes me happier than sharing my load of books with others who will benefit from them. I believe in the power of Christian fiction so much that I want to share these books with others who might benefit from them.

So what do you do with your books when you are finished with the reading and reviewing process?

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