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Friday, July 29, 2016

Procrastination is Right For Me

By Kelly Bridgewater

How do you procrastinate?

I'm sure we all have our ways. Today, I'm not doing such a serious writing post, but showing how writing really doesn't get done around my computer.

Here are the three top ways that I do anything besides writing:

1.) Books

I know, as an avid reader, it is really easy to fall into the trap of picking up another book in your TBR pile and start to lose yourself in the book. As you can tell from this blog, I do A LOT of reading and reviewing from a number of different publishing companies. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting the books three months before they hit the shelves, but my review stacks of books, either on my bookshelf or my Kindle needs to be read and reviewed. So instead of working on my novel, I open the next book and start reading. It is comforting, yet so distracting. Plus, this blog won't write itself. Trust me. I wish it did.

2.) Crafts

I like to cross-stitch. I have done stockings for my family, baby blankets, a tree skirt for my families Christmas tree, and tons of pictures. These pictures are nice pictures of art, but I spend the time working on making the picture from string. It can take me anywhere from six weeks to two months to complete just one picture. Right now, I have a stocking for my brother's daughter that I need to finish before Thanksgiving. I have it all set up to go, but I haven't officially started the first stitch yet.

3.) Clean My House

I'm not really a neat freak, but I do have a problem with the floor being cluttered. You can have a whole bunch of clutter on top of desk and dressers, and I won't even notice it. BUT if it's on the floor, I will notice and become angry. Especially with us trying to sell our house for the past seven months, I have to keep the house clean for potential buyers to take a tour. I don't know how many times I sit down to write and remember that I need to clean behind the fridge. Someone might look there. :)

I know these are all excuses. But they are my excuses why I don't sit in the chair and work on my World War II thriller.

Why don't you write? Is there anything that holds you back from punching away at the keys?

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