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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DiAnn Mills: Deadly Encounter *GIVEAWAY*

By Kelly Bridgewater

Airport Ranger volunteer Stacy Broussard expected a peaceful Saturday morning ride around the perimeter of Houston’s airport. What she encounters instead is a brutal homicide and a baffling mystery. Next to the body is an injured dog, the dead man’s motorcycle, and a drone armed with a laser capable of taking down a 747.

Though FBI Special Agent Alex LeBlanc sees a clear-cut case of terrorism, his past has taught him to be suspicious of everyone, even witnesses. Even bleeding-heart veterinarians like Stacy. But when her gruesome discovery is only the first in a string of incidences that throw her life into a tailspin, Alex begins to wonder if Stacy was targeted. As a health emergency endangers Stacy’s community, and the task force pulls in leads from all directions, Alex and Stacy must work together to prevent another deadly encounter.

#1: Deadly Encounter  -     By: DiAnn Mills

My Review:

I enjoy DiAnn Mills' previous books. She is a writer who I keep returning to over and over again, and she doesn't disappoint. In Deadly Encounters, Mills keeps the story moving with a realistic look at a secondary character that I really enjoyed getting to know. As for being a suspense novel, Mills keeps the story moving with throwing different obstacles into Stacy's path. Deadly Encounters has everything I expect from a romantic suspense. A character that made me want to watch him more, a unique storyline, and a setting that is different than previous romantic suspense novels.

First, the characters. As for Stacy and Alex, they were both determined to solve the mystery and see what had wrapped them into this mystery. Coming across a dead body would affect anyone. The underlying tension in the story is Stacy trying to earn custody of Witt, a son of an alcoholic and a lady of the night. Stacy is drawn to this kid and really wants to protect him. I could totally relate to that. I would love to learn more about this story between Stacy and Witt. The one downside to this side story is that Mills doesn't tell you what happens to their relationship. It is left in the air. As for Alex, he was an officer who had run for God and wanted to find his way back. There really wasn't much else to him. Alex was pretty much a bland character. I had a hard time seeing why Stacy should seek a deeper relationship with him. The secondary character of Witt was my favorite character in the novel. He was smart and just wanted to be loved while making a difference in the world. I would love to see a story that featured him more.

The writing was concise and strong. There was no point of view shifts, and Mills does a great job at allowing me into the mindset of Stacy and Witt. The writing makes the tension shine from the first chapter. With the discovery of a dead body with a dog next to it, the story peaks my interest. While the story starts out strong, it weakens as the story drags along. I really couldn't wait to find out who planted the disease and murdered the person in the opening chapter, but it took a long time to get there. Likewise, the romantic element wasn't that strong, but it was hinted at. I think Deadly Encounters could be just labeled a suspense novel.

Mills created a memorable setting outside of downtown Houston. She shows the underside of the poor part of town. By weaving doubt from property value, Mills preys on the fears of what people could assume if a tiny threat is received by the less fortunate. I really enjoyed how the setting takes place in the shady part of town and focuses on a veterinary clinic.  She dives into the practical aspect of how Whitt's parents choices affects their son and shows how the love of a parent doesn't have to be just by blood.

DiAnn Mills latest novel is appropriate for all audiences with no violence. The story was original, but Mills' allowed the ending to be conceived before she revealed it, so it was completely predictable.

Deadly Encounters began with a bang but the action became repeatable and slow down-not what I'm used to in a romantic suspense novel. While I enjoyed watching Witt, Stacy and Alex weren't that developed, in my opinion. I want a novel that features Stacy and Witt. 

I received a complimentary copy of Deadly Encounters from Tyndale Publishing and the opinions stated are all my own. 

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Even though Deadly Encounters wasn't one of my favorite books from DiAnn Mills, what do you expect when you read a romantic suspense novel?

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  1. I love DiAnn's writing and would love to read this book!

  2. When I read a romantic suspense I want a good suspense, but I also look for a great romance!

    1. Thank you, Rose! Whereas I'm thee complete opposite. I would prefer more suspense than romance in my books. Thank you for stopping by. Good luck!

  3. I love mystery and suspense and can't wait to read more of Deadly Encounters

    1. Thank you, Lynne for stopping by and commenting! I'm all about the suspense too. Good luck!

  4. Romantic suspense is a fun genre for me because it's action-packed with the romance added in :) DiAnn Mills is one of my fave authors in this genre, thanks for the giveaway, Kelly! Happy reading to you, Kara

    1. Thank you for stopping by Kara!! Good luck in the giveaway! I hope you enjoy this book as much as the rest of her writings!

  5. Would love to win DiAnn's book! I've read many of her previous books, and this one sounds exciting! Thanks for the opportunity, Kelly and DiAnn.